Casual Farmhouse Home Tour and Updates

Welcome to our home!

I like to call my style “casual farmhouse.” A casual farmhouse is my laid-back spin on the popular farmhouse style. It consists of cozy furniture and eclectic decor with wood and metal accents.

Casual Farmhouse Tour Farmhouse Decor

This one-story, three bedroom, two bath house was built in 1985 (let’s forget that’s also the year I was born). When we bought it, there had been little done to update the interior besides dark granite counters in the kitchen, new carpet, and tile. But we did get a new roof out of the deal, so we can’t complain too much!

The outside of the house was painted in a pale brown that did nothing for curb appeal, while the inside was painted top to bottom in a color called Lambskin. Lambskin! The name of the paint alone was a huge turn off for me. But to make matters worse, when interior lights are on at night the color gives off a pink hue that makes me very sad inside.

While there are still many things to do, we have come a long way in the three years we’ve lived here. So come inside, take a look at our casual farmhouse! I’d love feedback and tips on decorating!


The cabinets were still the original oak and therefore all dinged up and warped where there had been water damage at one point. But we aren’t strangers to painting cabinets and appreciated the stainless steel appliances and granite counters, so we overlooked the worn out oak. We have a wet bar that was re-purposed as a coffee bar. Eventually, I plan to build a cute, rustic coffee cup hanger to mount on the wall.

The first thing I did was paint over the Lambskin walls! I chose Sherwin Williams Serene Green for the main color, and Sherwin Williams Grassland for the contrasting color on the stencil wall. The stencil was purchased from Cutting Edge Stencils. They have some seriously cute designs! The stencil I chose was super simple to use and I completed the entire wall in one day.

It took over two years for us to paint the cabinets and freshen up the look because, well, kids. A contractor added crown molding to the tops of the cabinets to add some height in addition to the custom dog bowls, cookbook shelf, and pull out trash can built into the island. Sherwin Williams Alabaster is the color of the cabinets, while Sherwin Williams Mourning Dove was chosen as a contrasting color for the island. We also replaced the hideous light above the island for a custom light from Etsy. I’m still trying to figure out how to decorate it!


The next big step was the pantry renovation. We tore down the tiny afterthought of a pantry and installed custom IKEA cabinets so we have a ridiculous amount of food storage now! You can read more about our Kitchen Renovation here.

One of my favorite spaces in the house is the breakfast nook because it’s so cozy and lets in just the right amount of light. My only issue is the benches are a little too short for the table, so it’s hard to sit there comfortably to eat a meal. Still trying to decide what type of seating to replace them with.

Dining Room

Our dining room is a work in progress when it comes to decor. But, I finally have my farmhouse table! Most people thought I was crazy for getting upholstered chairs with two boys. But hey, that’s what Scotch Guard is for!

The walls in the dining room are Sherwin Williams Grassland. We lovingly refer to our buffet table as the “ruffet” because it doubles as dog crates. My dad built it for us a few years ago when we had two dogs that had to be crated when we left the house. Now it’s used as kid craft storage. One of these days we’ll build an actual buffet for that space. We also replaced the generic chandelier with one that was more our speed. The dining room definitely needs more love as far as decor. I can’t decide if I want to put up floating shelves and ceramic dinnerware, or a new rustic mirror. It’s not a priority right now by any means.


Living Room


This space has come a long way since we bought our home! We started out with a couch, love seat and faux leather-topped ottoman. We replaced the TV stand with this large built in from IKEA to take up space on the large wall. The popcorn-covered ceiling beam was wrapped with natural cedar to match the beams in the master bedroom and bathroom. The old ceiling fan was replaced. I tried to break up the lovely Lambskin with the blue wall, but plan to paint the room a different color.

We splurged for the sectional when I was pregnant with baby G. It is very comfortable, but really large. I seem to be the only one who thinks it’s just a little too big for the space, though!


First of all, the decor is my favorite part of the living room. Our gallery wall took way too long to complete because nice, large frames are expensive! I was determined to have large pictures on that wall and I’m so happy with the way it turned out.

The piano nook is still a work in progress because I’d really like to put another wall sconce between the pictures. It’s in this awkward corner behind the couch where all of the toys used to be. I can’t quite figure out what to do with that little nook! There’s not a good shot of it in the pictures because it’s empty and sad.

Wall sconces on either side of the built ins add some casual farmhouse flare and much needed lighting. I painted the frames around the “C” and “G” with a Martha Stewart pearl paint. It’s kind of silly, but the letters are my favorite thing in the house. They were originally for me and the hubs, but now our family has grown and they represent all of us. The picture on the mantle is a random find from Hobby Lobby that I just had to have.

While it’s not quite done, the living room is the space that reflects my casual farmhouse style the most. I’m looking forward to updating it even more in the years to come!

Boys’ Room

Our boys share a room and they love it! We tried them together and split up, but it just works better for our family dynamic to have them share a space. Don’t even get me started on how excited I am about bunk beds in a couple years. The furniture is a combination of secondhand finds, hand me downs, and cheap stuff. Little boys are destructive, so there’s no point in getting them nice furniture until they’re older.

Most of their wall decor came from Hobby Lobby with the exception of their banners and the splatter painting. One of my dear friends made their name banners so I love having them on display! The splatter painting is C’s creation. He and his friend made paintings by throwing paint-filled eggs at blank canvases! I think I may have thrown a few eggs myself once C lost interest, though.

Yes, that is a (not even) half-finished stencil on their wall. It took me months to get that much of it done! That dang stencil was so intricate and time consuming. At one point it starting ripping apart as I pulled it off the wall to move it. So I eventually gave up and there it is a year later. The hubs thinks I should leave it there, I just want to paint over it and figure out something else!

The most meaningful piece in the boys’ room is the rocking chair. My parents bought it at a garage sale in 1972. It was originally from England. My parents rocked my brother, and then me in that chair. When I was pregnant with C, they gave it to me. I’m proud to say I’ve rocked my babies in that chair.


Boys’ Bathroom

The guest bathroom (a.k.a. kids’ bathroom) was one of the first things I tackled when we bought the house. Lambskin is just not a good color for a bathroom. Blech! I went with a sky blue wall color with white trim to brighten up the space. The beat up oak cabinet got a refresh with the Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations Kit in Kona. If you have a project to tackle but hate the idea of painting, I highly recommend these kits!

After testing out about ten different shampoo and toy storage solutions, I recently settled on this corner storage tension rack because it has worked so much better than other options I’ve tried! Suction cup storage caddies fall. The horizontal tension rod with baskets either gets pulled down or the baskets stick out and get in the way. But the corner rack is great for keeping items out of reach and gives plenty of storage options! The one we use is the InterDesign York Bathroom Constant Tension Corner Shower Caddy (affiliate link).

I found the prints as a free download through Pinterest! Unfortunately, the original post seems to be gone now. There are tons of cute, free printables available, though. Just get some inexpensive frames to put them in and call it a day.

Target’s adorable Pillowfort kids collection is responsible for the shower curtain. Rugs are no longer allowed in the bathroom because boys don’t have the best aim.

One of these days we’ll replace the yellow counter top with a simple white one and do something about the box light that’s straight out of the 80’s!


You may have noticed the master bedroom, bathroom, and play room were excluded from this little tour! Let’s just say those rooms are still very much a work in progress. Come back soon to see the sad state of what is supposed to be our sanctuary and follow along as we slowly update it into a relaxing space!